Oahu / Sea / Watersports Package - Day On The Bay

Watersports Package – Day On The Bay

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Watersports Package – Day on the Bay

We offer Hawaii’s most complete lineup of activities, with packages designed so you can experience multiple adrenaline-pumping playthings in one day! From thrilling Hawaii activities like jet skiing, bumper tubing, and banana boating to relaxing and fun activities like parasailing, we’ve got it all!

Two-Activity Packages:

  • 600′ Parasail + Jet Ski Tandem
  • 600′ Parasail + Banana Boat (or Bumper Tube)
  • Jet Ski Tandem + Banana Boat (or Bumper Tube)

* Upgrade to Jet Ski solo and Parasail “higher flyer” available at checkout

Three-Activity Packages:

  • 600′ Parasail + Jet Ski Tandem + Bumber Tube (or Banana Boat)

* Upgrade to Jet Ski Solo and Parasail “higher flyer” available at checkout

What to Expect:

  • Your reservation time is your check-in time
  • After you are signed in, we’ll ask you to wait on the back deck for our shuttle. It will take you to the Activity Platform.
  • Upon arrival you will be greeted by a Coordinator and placed in a group
  • A bit of patience may be required, but once you get started, time will quickly fade from consideration
  • When you finish your activities, catch the shuttle back to the office (it runs every 20 minutes or so)
  • Once you return to our office you will get to see the pictures and videos that we have captured for you.
  • We do our best to capture all of your experiences. Sometimes our equipment fails, or a staff member will make a mistake. And sometimes the ocean water just blurs the pictures. But we try!
  • Your check-in takes place at our Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center headquarters located on a private marina with access to Maunalua Bay
    377 Keahole St. E103, Honolulu, HI. 96825
  • Free parking

What to Bring:

  • Swimwear and towels -you will get wet!
  • Hats & Sunglasses at your own risk
  • Please lather up at the dock – spray sunscreen may not be applied on any boat
  • Water

NOTE: Transportation is NOT included


You must weigh 50lbs to parasail under typical weather conditions. Maximum weight of 450lbs in the parachute. For an additional charge, larger individuals may be required to upgrade to a solo flight.

Must be 5 years old to participate.

Pregnant women may not participate.


Equipment is changed every year; we use Yamaha VX series skis. Drivers must be 16 to drive a jet ski on your own (solo rider). 12-15 years old may drive with an adult. If there is one adult and 2 children you will be charged for three people and given on jet ski for 45 minutes. You can rotate your kids so each gets about a 20 minute ride.

Pregnant women may not participate.

You must be able to get yourself back on the jet ski if you fall off.

Tandem rides are limited to 500 pounds total. If weight is a concern, you may be asked to upgrade to a solo ride.

The state of Hawaii requires commercial jet skis to operate on a course area. The course area is marked by buoys and you must remain on the course.

You must go the same direction and keep at least 100 feet between you and another jet ski.

There are restrictions on jumping waves, doing donuts and other actions that are considered dangerous. Remember you are responsible for any damage to equipment, yourself or other participants.

Violators are asked to leave the course and there is no refund.


Minimum age is 5 years old.

You must be able to stay seated and hang on. Everyone wears a life vest.

Pregnant women may not participate.


A bumper tube is an inflatable inner tube that you lay on as you are pulled behind a jet ski.

Minimum age is 5 years old.

Pregnant women may not participate.